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Why A.S Immigration Consulting and Employment Solution?

Because We specialize in bridging you with the right Canadian employers equipped

in more comfortable and safe work environment across the province in Canada.


RCIC (Regulated Canadian immigration Consultant), founder of

A.S Immigration Consulting and Employment Solution.

Andy Jang Seo, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, specializes in catering each of you with special but different skills to the thousands of Canadian companies and employers having troubles securing skilled welders and hair-stylists. His array of services encompasses applying for LMIA and obtaining work permits for foreign workers, especially, welders and hair-stylists, as well as aiding in applications for permanent residency through work experience.

Alongside his immigration proficiencies, Andy Seo is the one and only RCIC who has expertise in Welding World. He used to work as a Journeyman and B-pressure pipe welder as well as carry on welding inspection job as a CWB welding inspector. His extensive knowledge and experience in this field make him specialize in meeting your needs and perfectly targeting your job opportunity so as to carry on your career as welders and hair-stylists in the safe and comfortable work place where your employers can guarantee the competitive wage, medical support and holiday benefits as well.


To help skilled foreign workers find Canadian employers where each of them can achieve the Canadian dreams as well as fully perform the skills and work ethics while receiving decent wages, health and holiday benefits in purse of Canadian Labour Law.

In addition, we strive to educate and guide each of you to obtain the essential and necessary skills and qualifications that Canadian employers require.

Finally, we are willing to help the foreign workers to seize the opportunities of Canadian Immigration and settle down in Canada to fill the lack of labour


Andy Jang Seo is a RCIC (Regulated Canadian immigration Consultant)

recognized by the CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants)

which strictly regulates compliance of rules and regulations.

Andy Jang Seo is in good standing with CICC and assures that 

he is competent and up to date with immigration rules and regulations. 

He is 100% committed to provide the full support to clients

at every step of the immigration process.